Vocabulary you must know before fighting Dummy

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At this point, I think no one would be interested in what Dummy came from. Because the important part that should be remembered is the terms or words that they use in the cards

Is anyone who doesn’t know or talk randomly, knowing that they are newbies. To be a chicken for him to eat. Which the keywords will be as follows

Vocabulary you must know before fighting Dummy
  1. Spawn is where players collect cards from the midfield. To arrange a suit with the cards in hand And that set of cards on the table is considered that the player was born.
  2. Depositing is the player making a connection or depositing at least 1 card into a set of cards that have already formed. The resulting card set can be your own or someone else’s. Because how to lose this card does not affect the counting of points. Just leave it alone. When the UFABET game is over, you can bring it back to count points as before.
  3. Knocking occurs when someone in the circle collects cards from the midfield and arranges them into a suit. or complete the sequence until there is only one card left in hand and face down the last card will become a winner Or is it a knocker? For the rest of the people, prepare to pay money.
  4. Falling Building / Closing Building Used to call a player who hasn’t managed to arrange even a single set of cards. Can only keep discarding cards until being knocked out by other people, he will call this symptom falling off the building
  5. The head card is the first card that is revealed as a midfield. This card is worth 50 points, except the head card in the spato suit, 2♣ Q♠, is worth 100 points.
  6. Stupid hit, whoever hits the card down and gets knocked out by someone else, will be called “stupid”. Simply put, leave the card for others to kill themselves.