Moriyasu pointed out that the German league made the Raw Fish players to be stronger until they won.

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Hajime Moriyasu, coach of the Japan national team Take advantage of the player’s career in the German league. Made them stronger and defeated the Iron Eagles 2-1, starting with three points at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Japan national team manager Hajime Moriyasu has revealed that having so many players abroad has helped them develop. Especially the UFABET team members go to play in the beer city league. As a result, the situation turned from being behind 0-1 to overtake and win. German national team Can go in a fun way 2-1 in the first match, Group E, group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. On Wednesday, November 23, the past 

Moriyasu pointed out that the German league made the Raw Fish players to be stronger until they won.

The Samurai army has two substitutes , Ritsu Doan, a winger from SC Freiburg, who replaces Ao Tanaka in the 71st minute, and Takuma Asano , a striker from FaufFL. Bochum came on to play instead of Daisen Maeda in the 57th minute and then rampaged and scored each goal. Let the team overtake the four-time world champion who led them first in the first half. from Ilkay Gundogan ‘s penalty kick

After the game, the coach of the raw fish Came out to mention victory in the World Cup debut game that “Our players fought very well. at the end of the game They came to fill the game with full force, maybe if it was Japan in the past, we would have lost in this situation. But many of our players travel to Germany and every day they grow up in that league. This is a big win. But it’s not the end yet. We will look into this and prepare for the next game against Costa Rica . ” 

In addition,  Moriyasu also believes that his hometown army It is reaching global standards and of course, seeing Saudi Arabia beat Argentina was a surprise. That shows the talent of Asian football teams, so does the Japanese players , and maybe it shows that. Japanese players have developed their true abilities.

The victory against Germany made the Rising Sun team rank second in Group E, with 3 points equal to Spain , but the goal was second . in which the next game will meet A warlord from the land of bananas Who had just been gored by the bull in a 7-0 demolition on Sunday, November 27, which if they collected another 3 points, their chances of qualifying immediately brightened up.